Wholesale Vittel Natural Spring Mineral Water

Wholesale Vittel Natural Spring Mineral Water


Natural Mineral Water Vittel

the bottle of 1,5L

Natural mineral water. Vittel is a natural mineral water with unique minerality. Drawn from the heart of the Vosges, Vittel brings a daily dose of vitality * for the whole family. Naturally composed of minerals essential to the body, Vittel , thanks to its 1.5L format, accompanies you at any time of the day. * For a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced and varied diet.

Vittel is a French brand of bottled water sold in many countries. Since 1992 it has been owned by Nestlé. It is among the two leading French mineral water companies, along with Perrier.

Vittel is produced using mineral water that is sourced from the “Great Spring” in Vittel, France, and has been bottled and made available for curative and, increasingly, for commercial purposes since 1854.

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