Wholesale Fiji Natural Mineral Water Bottle Online

Wholesale Fiji Natural Mineral Water Bottle Online


Enjoy the fresh, clear taste of FIJI Natural Artesian Water. It offers users’ an option for quenching their thirst on hot days. FIJI natural water is actually filtered through volcanic rock, gathering minerals and electrolytes to leave it crisp and smooth. It’s available in a 24-count pack of 16.9 fl oz bottles, offering plenty to savor or share with a friend. This water is simple to take with you on the go, to drink when working out or just hanging around the house.

FIJI Natural Artesian Water 16.9 fl oz Plastic Bottles, 24-Pack:

  • Made with water collected in a natural artesian aquifer that’s protected and preserved from external elements
  • FIJI Artesian Water is bottled at the source
  • Slow filtered by volcanic rock that gathers minerals and electrolytes to create a soft, smooth taste]


Ingredients: Water

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