Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets provide a sustainable and reliable source of heat and hot water for your home and now more than ever are a credible alternative to oil. Wood pellet boilers are clean, easy to manage and offer the same level of control and flexibility as conventional oil and gas boilers. However, no matter how good your boiler is, it can only deliver the maximum amount of heat that the fuel can supply; it is therefore of vital importance to be sure you are using the highest quality fuel possible.


Advantages of wood pellets …the disadvantages
Reduced carbon emissions as compared to using fossil fuels. Pellet fuel is bulky and needs space to be  stored
Wood pellets are manufactured and widely available in the UK
Wood pellets are much more price stable than other forms of fuel
Wood pellets produce equivalent heat to traditional fossils fuels
Wood pellets burn cleanly and are more convenient than logs or wood chips


Advantages of wood pellets boilers …the disadvantages
Wood fuel is cost effective Wood pellet boilers require regular maintenance
Wood pellets are small in size Storing of wood pellets requires large storage space
Wood pellets are environmentally friendly Initial cost and outlay
Wood pellets boilers are energy efficient Traditional wood pellet boilers require regular cleaning.
Wood pellets are a renewable source Wood pellet boilers have ash draws that need to be emptied.
Wood pellets boilers can often be integrated with your current wet system

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